Come And See My Jesus

We used to have Bible study on Sunday mornings with my parents, but, as they’re working to reconcile with each other and dealing with their own spiritual chaos, we’ve all been pretty much having to do our own thing. We considered joining a church, but as we’ve never really identified with any denomination in particular, it became a matter of “Well, where would we go?” In our small town, there are no less than ten options.

In the end, we decided that watching Venture Church’s sermons online would be our church. So, for the past three Sundays, my husband and I have gotten our favorite drinks (Last Sunday it was hot tea for me and a Yoohoo for him.), and sat down at the table to listen to Pastor Jeff Clark. We listened to his “Gospel Frontier” series and scrolled through the archives back to his series called “Who Is Jesus?

Today, as I read through John 1, I was reminded of Pastor Jeff’s sermon about coming to see who Jesus is. He referenced the story of Philip going to Nathanael and saying, “We’ve found the Messiah! He’s Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.” Nathanael asked, “How can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Philip’s response was “Come and see.”

As Christians, we form our own idea of who He is. We decide that He’s a Grandfather in the sky making everything fine and dandy, or a vending machine that–if we push the right buttons and say the right prayers–will give us whatever we desire. Or, we go with God is waiting in the clouds with a baseball bat to knock us over the head the minute we step out of line.

It’s no wonder we have a hard time bringing anybody to Jesus. Because life is ugly. And when you’re lost in your own despair, you need the real Jesus, who comes down to your level, because He knows there’s no way you’re getting to His. The real Jesus who hears the very cry of your heart, when you no longer have any words to speak. The real Jesus who crossed time and space, and the gulf of our sins that separated us from Him, to breathe life into our dying selves.

That’s my Jesus. My Jesus, who looking beyond the shattered, depraved soul that gasped for Life, died for me. Who saw me shrinking in the darkness, to hide my shame at my sin, and ran into the darkness, bringing Light. Who daily, gently molds me into His likeness. That’s my Jesus. My breath. My life. My hope. That’s my Jesus.

Come and see my Jesus.

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